Elastomer And Its Significance

Posted 4/11/2014

Rubber is most commonly used elastomeric material. Products made by rubber are regularly used by all of us. From our house to office, rubber derivate is everywhere. It comes in a large variety of colors, styles and textures. Components made by rubber is also used in many applications which are used in different industries like automobiles, medical, aero scope and many more…but did we really know what is the exactly thing is rubber???  From where we obtain it? And how this simple rubber is converts in to useful products??? In this article we will get answer of all such questions.

What is Rubber???

If we simply define rubber in common language than rubber is an elastomeric substance that was originally derived from latex which is milky colloid produced by some plant.

Types of rubber:-

  • Natural rubber
  • Synthetic rubber

Natural Rubber:- As the name indicates the natural rubber is obtain from nature i.e. trees. The latex sap is collected from the bark of the trees and then retained into a useable rubber.

Synthetic Rubber:- This type of rubber is manmade which is produced in industries from a polymer material. Vulcanization is a process through which natural rubber is converted into synthetic rubber to improve its properties.

Uses of Rubber :-

  1. Rubber Gloves : -
  • Rubber gloves are common household items that offer many uses. They are affordable in prize and used for personal care, cleaning, dyeing hair, pets, first aid and more.
  • Medical gloves are used by doctors during medical examination and procedures as they protect hands from germs.
  • Rubber gloves can also used as ice packs or heating packs. Water is placed in rubber glove. The glove is tied and frozen. When we needed, an ice pack is ready for use. A rubber glove can also be filled with hot water to serve as a heating pack.
  • Rubber gloves also used by workers in industrial area mainly when they work with electricity as rubber is an insulator so it does not conduct electric current and prevent them from electric shock.


    2.      Rubber Footwear :-

Rubber footwear is a common product in now days. Every person likes to carry these types of footwear as they are stylish and also comfortable in use. In today times rubber shoes for pets is also come in market. Four little boots are made by manufactures to protect leg of the animals. Rubber boots can easily used in any types of weather like summer, winters or rainy seasons.


    3.      Rubber Mats :-

Rubber floor mats is an essential products used in homes as well as in industries. It is a great product in a safety point of view as the person walks on these mats never sleeps. Rubber mats are come in variety of sizes, different colors and styles. Rubber mats are beneficial for employees who work regularly on hard surface. It also prevents the workers from electric shock who handles heavy electronic instruments & devices of an industry.


    4.      Rubber  Roofs :-

Generally, most of the people are not aware of rubber roofs. In many areas roofs are made up of rubber these days since it helps to save energy and provides comfort to the people lives in. Rubber roofs are either shingled or rolled and its durability is very high. Also, cost of maintenance is quite low as compared with others.


    5.    Rubber tires :- 

Tires are one of the important parts in any vehicle which is made of rubber. Different types of tires are made all over world in a year. One advantage of rubber tires is that we can recycle the old tires in useful products. Recycling of tires is a process in which the tires that are not suitable for uses in vehicle due to damage can be renew again so that we can reuse those rubbers. Since everyday huge amount of rubber wastes that may harm our environment directly or indirectly, recycling is the best way to reuse such wastes.   

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