Safety at the cost of Little Investment

Posted 1/9/2020

Recently in the news we all saw how fire broke out & cause life of more than 50 workers in a Delhi based factory manufacturing Plastic toys. The reason given by Fire Department is non installation of Safety equipment in premises. The factory owner was later arrested & fined which however can’t get back precious human life, got taken away by fire. Such instances are becoming common in our Industries & society due lack of Knowledge, technology, tolls & techniques & off Couse our carelessness.


In another incidence a worker of a reputed firm was seriously injured due to leakage of current while working on high Voltage Control Panel, where he was repairing some Bus Bar switches & suddenly current flows through his body causing him serious injury. Later it was found “Electrical Safety Mats” were not installed by the Organization nor he was waeing Rubber Gloves which in fact a mandatory PPE as per the Government Rules & Regulations for all Industries. Such mats cost a little compared to Expensive Industrial Machineries, equipment & off course precious Human life. Moreover, service life of Electrical Mats As per latest BIS/IS 15652-2006 Safety Standard is very long & they don’t even require frequent replacement.


There are basic Safety accessories which Should be there at our workplace such as Fire Extinguishers, Fire Hose Reel, Sprinkles, Smoke Detectors in general & Electrical Rubber Hand Gloves, Earplugs, Goggles, Helmet, Face Masks, Electrical Insulating mats, Safety harnesses for Electricity control rooms. Periodic checking is also important to ensure our Working place is Safe.

Another essential part of any electrical safety program is training, by knowing safety regulations & procedure, finding and dealing electrical hazards, maintaining an electrical safety program, using correct working tools, techniques and protective equipment, installation of latest machineries with regular maintenance, the industry can be a Safety place to work.