Safety Accessories For Electric-Shock

Posted 12/26/2013

Working with Electrical equipments always have some risk involve. Technicians, Professional Engineers often works with live Electric Current which could be very dangerous in case of any leakage through ground.

For Example- Birds often seen sitting comfortably a High Tension Power-Line without any risk of shock. The reason behind is, no current flows thought the bird’s body as feet touches wire at one point & there is no close circuit formation.


PPE (Personal Protective Equipments) are therefore highly recommended for protection against Electrical Hazards. This includes items such as Safety Helmets, Rubber Gloves, Electro safe Footwear, eye goggles, Fire Resistant Clothing, Air-Purifying Respirators, Insulation Mats & other safety harnesses.


Non-conductive "Electrical Insulating Mats” provide safe environment for workers protecting them  from harmful electric shock by insulating flow path of current to ground which otherwise could be fatal. These Mats offers Di-electric strength up to 70KV.


Human hands is the  first  body part which come on contact with electrical apparatus. “Rubber Hand  Gloves”, are  very reliable & effective PPE. It can resist High Voltage up to 26KV AC. Manufactured from electrical grade Latex Rubber compound with suitable dielectric agents.

Electricians & Maintain Staff require to work at different locations which are often prone to electrical field, therefore they must wear Electrical grade “Safety Shoes” whenever they are on the job. The soles of Safety Shoes act as a  barrier protecting the wearer against build-up of current.