Safety Awareness for Non-Electrical Workers

Posted 3/4/2018

Electricity is all around us it is an essential element of our daily lives. Nearly everything we do is connected with electricity.  On job site working with electricity can be very safe when workers effectively identify & aware the hazards. When hazards are ignored, ignored electricity strikeout & its effects can be divaricated.

Electrical shock occurs when human body becomes part of electric circuit, means when a person touches both the energized wire together & completes the circuit. Flow of electric current through body causes damage of tissue or fibrillation, Nervous disorder, Lunges, liver, heart failure.


Yerly Electrical Safety statistics:

  • 4000 non-disabling Electrical Contact Injuries
  • 3600 Disabling Electrical Contact Injuries
  • An average of One Person Every day is Electrocuted.
  • More than 2000 workers are send to burn centres
  • Electrical arc-Flash burns are 10% of burn centre victims.

Offcourse none of us want to be a statistic


Generally, three categories of electrical hazards found to cause injuries:

  • Electric shock
  • Arc Flash or flashover
  • Arc Blast


PPE (personal Protective Equipment) are thus recommended to be used ar workplace. Electrical Insulating Mats are non-conductive Sheets of Elastomer or Rubber Material which doesn’t let current to flow thought them.

A lot of range of Arc flash or arc blast protective clothing range is avaialve in market, which is made from neoprene, chloroprene, latex & other feasible material. This also includes head & face masks, Safety gloves & accessories.