Safety comes first!

Posted 12/26/2013

Electricity & Electronic devices have changed our way of life to a great extent over last decade. Communication devices, Hand held devices, Industrial Machines, Domestic appliances all require Power to play. We are now shifting from traditional fossil fuels like coal, crude oil, wood to Wind, Solar, Bio-fuel & other clean  alternatives for our Power requirements. This is a good sign, thinking about our future.

Great Power comes with great responsibilities, this saying holds to be true in Electrical sector. Heavy Machineries runs on High Tension Lines, which means larger power is concentrated at a one place. Therefore, safety of workers is equally important who are suppose to handle these machines. Various Safety Products are designed for protection of workers from accidental current.


Basic tips to be on Safer side

Follow these instructions to stay safe, while shopping for electrical goods

  • Be cautious while you find an item that is much cheaper than you expected.
  • Select appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) before handling or maintaining live electric equipments.
  • Beware of cheap Chinese electronic items, There is a famous Hindi saying- “SASTA ROYE BAR-BAR MEHNGA ROYE EK BAR “ ( if you spend little money you will cry again and again, but if you buy sufficient you will have to cry only once).
  • Don't relay on Standard Marks like CE , ISI, BIS, ASTM, DIN, ISO alone as a guarantee of quality. Visual & Practical personal inspection of safety products is always a good habit.
  • Try to limit your purchase for Branded Products, there are less chances of fraudulent practices by reputed & known brands.
  • Check for  packaging of product, it should looks genuine make sure the item should  come with instructions Manual and guarantee.
  • Avoid Purchasing second-hand products, especially the one  whose guarantee or warranty has run out.
  • Google for  online reviews, bogs & articles related to particular product to find out what people says about it & its manufacturers.
  • Check out Press Releases to know about Product recalls information. 
  • To attain maximum practicality, always read Product manual before use & installation.
  • Always consult Professionals before installing or bring in use any heavy electronic equipments.


Some of PPE’s

  • Electrical Insulating Matting
  • Helmets
  • Ear Plugs
  • Heat Resistant Aluminized Goggles
  • Face Shield.
  • Rubber Hand Gloves
  • Fire and Heat Protective Clothing. 
  • Safety Shoes-
  • Respiratory Protection masks
  • Fall protection belts.
  • Fire Blanket,
  • Emergency Safety Showers
  • Industrial Signage
  • Emergency Lights
  • Body Protection Suit
  • Fall Safety Net
  • Emergency Eye washer


Last verdict!

If you suspect, that a product is dangerous to use, or seems to be a fake copy of a known brand. Contact your local Safety standard office. It is illegal to manufacture, sale or trade of such goods. IEC (International Electrochemical Commission) have provided Codes for Electric Safety Products covering all material specification & testing procedures. Consumer should ask for Codes, Test Reports, Warranty or Guarantee Certificates.


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