Work-Place Safety Practices

Posted 3/16/2014

Modernization & rapid urbanization laid steeping stones for some greatest inventions, which have dramatically changed the way we look at things, Electricity is one amongst many. It is boon & catalyst for Industrial revolution & made our life easy & comfortable. But at the same time if not handled carefully, it can be dangerous to human life & property. One should always be cautions while dealing with electrical equipment & devices.


Following are some basic practises, should be followed at work place to be safe:

  • Wear tight & comfortable clothing while at work, without loose or hanging accessories.
  • Emergency power cut-off switch, must be placed with heavy machineries.
  • Consider all circuits as LIVE until, double confirmation.
  • Make sure fuse wire of the correct size and capacity should be installed.
  • Attach Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker with the main line.
  • Relay on only professional & trained persons for repair works.
  • Always use OEM products in premises.
  • Read carefully manuals & literature provided any equipments before installation or bringing in use.
  • Use electrical cables of higher capacity than device to maintain some safety margin between working & breakdown Voltage.
  • Ensure all appliances are effectively earthed.
  • Always use prescribed & identical colour insulated wire for representing Neutral.
  • Keep Fire Fighting equipments ready & in operative condition.
  • Make sure All the Safety Equipments must be installed in work-place such as electrical Rubber Floor mats, helmets, gloves, fire proof clothing.
  • Only  Dry Powder extinguishers should be use for extinguishing fire in electric room.

These are some basic practices which if followed, can save life & Wealth. Moreover, it is always suggested to hire Professional services for safety inspection periodically to Safe!